"Ayrton" - Lucio Dalla and Paolo Montevecchi

"Il mio nome è Ayrton, e faccio il pilota ..."
Paolo Montevecchi

Lucio Dalla, a musician; Paolo Montevecchi, an artist. Two people who maybe not have much in common, except the fact to have written (Paolo) and interpreted (Lucio) a song dedicated to Ayrton Senna.

The May 1, 1994, Paolo is at home with friends, and the television broadcasts images about the accident followed by an interview of the champion Ayrton, where he talks about his faith in God. Paolo is shocked: he returns home, almost without greeting his friends, takes his guitar, and the song we all know comes to life; the piece is ready in less than ten minutes, and it's called "the Circus".

Months pass, Paolo concludes the song arrangement, and in September 1994, he brings a tape recording to the study of Lucio Dalla, who reads the text written on the back of the box and decides to record the single in the album "Canzoni", changing the title of the piece in "Ayrton".

Very interesting is the interview of Paolo Montevecchi released on April 8, for the preparation of “Formula Passion”, in which is faithfully reported the story of the song written by him; you can find it here.

Below, the original text of the song with a video: