Two special people ...

Oh Yeah!

This page is for them: Francesca and Giovanna. Probably for you these two names are very common, but for me they are very important!

The tie that binds us is special and strong: we laughed, we joked, we had a fight ... well, we've been through it all together!

It was April 2014 and, while celebrating Easter Monday, I told them that, on May 1, there would have been a big event at Imola to remember Ayrton. It’s a long trip from our houses (Rome - Imola), but it happened something special and unforgettable: they departed with me without any hesitation.

I can say that none of them is particularly passionate about cars, let alone then Formula One years '80 -'90. They did not know absolutely nothing of Ayrton Senna: nor who he was, nor what he had done; but they were ready to chase a dream of mine, by my side, without objections or questions.

They knew only that it was important for me to be there, at Imola, and that was enough.

They chased a dream with me.